Scent of the Month!!!

 Clementine Clove Scentsy Bar Dynamite Scents

Brighten Your Day with the Clementine Clove Scentsy Bar!

What a way to brighten our day! Thanks to daylight savings time we all got to take advantage of a well earned extra hour of sleep last night. And if that wasn’t enough of a autumn treat you can now get the Clementine Clove Scentsy Bar, our Scentsy scent of the month for a full 10% off the regular price! The perfect autumn scent is here, for you… don’t miss out on this wonderfully seasonal opportunity!

A bright medley of aromatic citrus with clove and a bit of balsam.


Cider Mill Scentsy Bar Dynamite Scents

The Perfect Pair? Christmas Tree with Clementine Clove

By combining the always evolving fragrance of the Month Clementine Clove with our very seasonal Warmer of the Month  Christmas Tree Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM, not only do you get to enjoy the freshest Scentsy scent, you also receive the satisfaction of getting both at FULL 10% off for the entire month of Novemeber! You know this year you could do something refreshingly different by adding this festive Christmas Tree as a part of your yuletide traditions! A glorious gold star crowns a lush fir tree decorated in red and green. Lift the top and find a warmer dish waiting for your favorite holiday fragrance.


Christmas Tree Warmer Dynamite Scents


Scarecrow Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM Dynamite Scents


Be Ready for X-Mas with Christmas Tree and Clementine Clove

Did you know, Clementine Clove also comes in many forms including but not limited to Room Spray and Scent Circle? Giving you the ability to add a quick burst of fragrance to any place at any time of night or day. The autumn season is upon us and winter is fast approaching, what better way is there than to partake in the perfect holiday addition to your lovely home. Take in these opportunities now before the month of Novemeber is gone and these unique scentsy deals are gone with the wind. Get your hands on the Clementine Clove Scentsy bar  and the Christmas Tree  Scentsy warmer PREMIUM today!